Saturday, September 1, 2012

Window Washing & Penny Pinching

 Those who know me well, know that I am always looking to save money.  Some of my friends at work always ask me for some of my money saving tips so I thought I would share this one.
I loved Windex, but it costs money and I used it with paper towel (also money).  This is all you need to wash your windows quickly, easily and with little money.

You will need:
a bowl or tub
Dawn dish soap
a sponge
a squeegee
and a dish towel (whoops, forgot to take a picture of that)
 Fill up your tub with water and a few drops of dawn dish soap and soap up your windows with your sponge.
Then squeegee off the water.  I prefer to go top to bottom (not side to side).  You will need to wipe off the squeegee between passes with your towel (so you don't have any streaks).
Warning: Washing windows with sponges can become a family affair. Suddenly I had to get more sponges (but thankfully I only had one squeegee, so I kept it).

It works great and better than Windex (in my opinion).  I took this picture through my door. Another reason to be in love with my squeegee.  Now I use it on my counters, my stairs and my windows. You should go get one.  You won't be sorry!!


  1. I have one for you. Instead of Frebreeze, mix 1/3 cup of downy (or any laundry softner) and water in a spray bottle. spray like you would frebreeze. A lot cheeper then frebreeze.

  2. Do you want to know my deep, dark secret? I only use water to wash windows and mirrors. Nothing else. Then I sort of "polish" them dry with a cloth, but a squeegee is a great idea too.

    1. OOOoohhh!!! Even better!!! Save even more money!!

  3. I love the dawn and vinegar in the shower. Haven't tried dawn on my windows but I will. I have a nice squeegee set for outside.

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