Thursday, March 14, 2013

Grouping Cards (FREE) for Your Classroom!

 This is an idea I got from one of my (many) classes that I take in the summer (even though us teachers do NOTHING in the summer...).  We were talking about different ways to make groups and sometimes it's nice to make random partnerships and do it in a fun way (which is what this activity is). You can use this for turn and talk buddies, reviewing or really for anything...
I have made cards (that you can get by clicking HERE) that the kids love. Just cut them out (and I laminate them so they stay nice).  Each child gets one card.  They look at their own card and then when I give the word, they show their card WITHOUT TALKING (brilliant, I know...) until they find the card (or cards) that matches their card.  Once they find their partner they sit next to each other at my "gathering place" quietly so I know they are ready.  The kids love it. I love it. It only takes a moment and it gets us moving.  I have made my cards based on the seasons/holidays (and I also made some for insects since we study those too).  If I ever teach upper-ele again, I might use synonyms on cards or other fun pairings that would interest the students.
I keep my cards in a simple pencil box.  After my students find their partner, and sit down (at the gathering place), I have them share a quick idea or thought with their buddy while I pass the box along to collect the cards.  It's been a great success in my room so I just thought I'd share!

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