Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mr. Potato Head Party

 I stole this idea from my friend Lisa H. at work!  She is on Pinterest (I need to start following her) and always finds these great ideas.  Right now at our Costco, they have these giant Mr. Potato Heads for $20! Inside are two spuds and lots of fun accessories.  Though these guys would be fun for an indoor recess, that's not what we're using them for!
I got one spud all dressed up and showed her to my class.  Then I took all her parts off (one by one) and put them back into the giant Mr. Potato head.
 Each time my class works as a team and has a great day at one of their FAPES (fine arts~ music, art, PE, media center... etc), I add a part onto our spud.  When she is fully dressed they are going to get 15 minutes to do whatever they want (if it's a nice day we'll go outside). The kids were so excited!  They had a great day in PE (and earned some legs) and media center (eyes).  They are already asking if the next spud can be a boy (of course)!
 I like keeping all the needed parts in the big Potato Head so they can see how many pieces they still need.  I took the other 'extras' and put them somewhere else so it would be really obvious to the students how many more items were left.

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