Monday, January 28, 2013

An Awesome Find (Micro-Pedi)

For Christmas, My Mother-in-Law gave me the most adorable polka dot robe, some lotion and this: The Micro Pedi.  Since I had the Ped-Egg (and liked it fine for smoothing out my dry feet) and my heels have been in pretty decent shape, I hadn't pulled this out... until now!

I love pedicures (though I can't afford them as much as I wish I could).  It's so nice to know that your toes are looking good (even at this time of year when they're covered up for the weather, where I live).  I have never been a fan of that part of the pedicure when they start smoothing out your feet...  Try as I may, I can never relax and I find myself squirming and praying that it will soon be over.  Although I don't like that process, I love the feel of my silky feet after a nice pedicure.

So today, I opened my bathroom drawer and saw my gift and thought, this was a great day to try it out.


I loved it!  It worked so much faster than the Ped-Egg (minutes) and left my feet smooth and feeling wonderful!  I didn't have any of the squirmy/tickle feeling and my feet feel great.  

To see more about this item/ order it or read more reviews (including mine), click HERE.
As a fiscally responsible gal, I see a few less professional pedicures in my future, but some pretty good lookin' feet!

Pictures with replacement rollers, the cleaning brush and a card (so you can see how big it really is)