Sunday, September 30, 2012

Painting Windows (FUN!)

When I was young, my mom used to always paint this wonderful Christmas Tree on our large dining room window.  I loved it.  I didn't actually paint on a window though until I got my own house.  We have a Christmas tree in our front window, so I had to come up with another holiday to break out the paints~ and what better holiday than Halloween?
This is an activity your kids can do too.  Our (almost) three year old even painted a bit this year but he didn't have the attention span to finish.
All you need is:
Washable tempera poster paints
and something to put paint in.
(I used paper bowls, not very green... but...)

If you're doing this with little kids, I highly recommend YOU do the outline of the pumpkins.  I let my kids decide if the pumpkins would be scary, happy, etc... but I didn't let them paint the outline.  Partly because I'm a control freak.  Next year I may let my Bigs do this part (after I have a glass of wine or two).

Let the black (or whatever color you paint with) dry FULLY before you unleash the kids on the pumpkins.  If it's wet, it will smear really bad when more paint goes on.

While we were waiting for the pumpkins to dry, I painted a witch on our front door.  She was fun!

She also looks really cool from the inside of the door too... like she's waiting for us to come out.

When the outline is fully dry, it's time to unleash the kids!  I would definitely give them their own bowl (or whatever) to hold the paint.  This can get messy and if they can keep their bowl near where they are working it will be happier for everyone!

I told you this can get messy... I do love WASHABLE paints though!

Here is what the window looks like from the outside. I did have to help my littlest one's pumpkin out a bit.  He painted pretty hard so his pumpkin lost an eye.  It was OK, because I just turned him into a pirate.

I knew that was going to be your next question... Super easy~  Just some dawn soap, warm water and a good scrub with a sponge.  Keep towels by though because it will get wet when it's clean up time!  Still I promise you, it comes out easy.


  1. What a fun thing for kids to do. Your a fun mom!

  2. I do this too Laura and LOVE it, as much as my kids do:) Although- I LOVE the witch on the front door. That I might have to "steal"!

    1. Yeah!!! Yes, you must start the witch! Now that my kids are painting so much more I still need to have one spot that is all mine to keep! :-)

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