Monday, September 3, 2012

First Day Fun

I was at a staff retreat recently and we learned this fun activity to get to know each other's names (though most of us knew each other) and learn a little bit about each other. This is a great game for the first days of school.

All you'll need is a beach ball and a marker (or I used clip art and packing tape).

On the beach ball you can write questions like "What makes you scared?" or "Where is your favorite place to be?" etc... Or if you have lower elementary students (like I do), you could find clip art that represents questions.  For example the dog and cat picture above could be, "Do you have any pets?" and the bus picture could be, "What is your favorite thing about school."

The way the game works is you stand in a circle and throw the beach ball to someone.  When they catch it they say their name.  So if I caught the ball, I would say, "Hi, I'm Laura." To which everyone would reply, "Hi, Laura!" Then I would look at the pictures near my thumbs and share something about myself with the group. Below my thumb landed on the crayon box so I would share with the group my favorite color.  Then it would be my turn to throw the ball to someone who hasn't had a turn. 

This is a fun game to play that helps you learn names and a little more about your students.

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