Friday, August 31, 2012

Goodbye Dog Hair on Stairs

We have two Humane Society Specials, but sometimes it feels like we have more. They drop fur so much that I sometimes wonder if they snuck another dog in here! We have to vacuum every day but one place that ALWAYS seems to need extra attention is the stairs. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought before I 'pin' it anywhere, I better make sure it works.
All you need:
Animals who drop fur
A squeegee

The reason I hate the stairs is because simply vacuuming them is not enough.  I need to get my fingers in the grooves to really get the hair that gets tucked back there (and I often wonder why it always seems to go back there). I took the squeegee and it was AMAZING! It took me no time to clean the stairs and my fingers weren't aching when I was done.
Bonus! I showed the Bigs how to do it so I can add it to the "Oh No" can!


  1. Great idea! I'm am thankful I now have non-shedding dogs. Also no more stairs!! I remember the days of two yellow labs and all the hair everywhere.

    1. I can't even imagine how lovely it would be to have dogs that didn't shed!! You're right though... hair is EVERYWHERE! :-P

    2. Great idea! I hate vacuuming the stairs especially when the cord is at the top and I fear the vacuum tumbling down on me...yes, it has happened.
      My two yellow labs shed so much, I am shocked that they are not bald.

      Thanks for sharing! I will try it soon...after this "holy weekend" prior to the start of school of course.

    3. Yes! The cord is AWFUL!!! I don't think you'll even need to vacuum them, it's crazy how much you can get with just the squeegee!! Let me know how it goes! I think you will LOVE it!! <3


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