Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Orphan Crayons Find a Home

As a teacher, I am always finding orphan crayons. I found that most of my students didn't like coloring with broken crayons (or even well-worn long crayons) so were throwing them out.  Instead of throwing them out, I had them put them in an old tub.  You can see that the orphan crayons got kind of out of control.  I thought I should melt them down and make new crayons but then I thought of some other kids that I didn't think would mind the orphans.
 My kids (and especially my oldest son) LOVE to color and draw.  My Joe has colored pictures with crayons that really SHOULD be thrown out (less than an inch long).
I have mentioned before that my kids are the messiest in the world so often they lost their crayons.  There may be some in Joe's room, a few in the car, some in an old backpack... (you get the idea). And so I got an idea.  Time to organize the old crayons and give my kids an OBVIOUS place where the crayons should go.  So I bought these cute little drawers at Bed, Bath and Beyond and put my kids to work.
 I had them sort the colors (which was also a fun activity for my little kids~ age 5 and almost 3). They did a great job and sorting them took no time at all.  Soon they were working on projects with the 'new' crayons and they loved that they had all the colors that they need right at their fingertips (and no fighting over colors because there are so many).
I was going to make some cute labels for the drawers (because that's just how I do things), but they didn't need them.  You can see the colors right through the drawers.  I thought this was a great idea and plan to pick up more drawers for the future orphans that will no doubt again grace my classroom this year.

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