Monday, September 3, 2012

First Day Survival Kit

It's fun to give something to your students for "Surviving" their first day of school.  We have a cute poem that we use at our grade level but because of allergies in my classroom, I had to tweak it a little. Here is what I do (in case you'd like to steal it).  
You will need, band aids, Smarties, erasers, stickers, baggies and Starbursts.

I then wrote the following poem:

Today was your first day of first grade.
I knew you'd make it through.
We had a lot of fun today
and tomorrow we'll have fun too.
There are many things I have planned this year.
I know you'll learn a lot.
And so I've made this little kit
to remind you of what you've got...

*An Eraser: The best way to learn is from mistakes, and we'll make a lot together.
*A Sticker: This class will stick together and cheer each other on.
*A Band aid: You have a teacher who cares about you and will take care of you while you're at school.
*Smarties: You are a smart person today and tomorrow you'll be even smarter!
*A Starburst: You are a STAR!
Let's have a great year!
~Mrs. Doran

Then I put all the items in little baggies and hand them out at the end of the first day of school 
(that is if I survive it...).

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