Friday, August 24, 2012

I have the World's Messiest Kids!

I am the first to admit that cleaning often goes on the back burner in my house. I do have to go to bed with a clean kitchen, but other than that... well... If we aren't going out of town you will certainly find things out of place.
I have recently joined the wonderful world of Pinterest and found this wonderful idea there.  The person I stole this idea from had a bin and this saying with "Mom", but... since I have to admit my husband is a wonderful partner in the battle war of keeping our place clean, I changed the "Mom" to "WE", added a cute font and some clip art and here it is!

Instead of a bin, I chose a trash can because... well... I have a lot of kids and they have a lot of stuff! I also like that it has a lid on it to hopefully keep all that kid junk hidden!

The fun part was coming up with different chores for them to do.  Because my kids are fairly young (8 and under), I kept things simple, vacuum stairs, clean baseboards (you choose the room), things like that.  I did include laundry on the chore list but because we have recently taught all our children how to do their own laundry (except for the 2 year old). They can wash towels or sheets (whichever is due to be cleaned first) and of course fold and put them away. I'll admit I'm a little nervous to see what our linen closet will look like but then again, that has a door to hide it!  

I did this all after everyone had gone to bed (I work best at night) and it took no time.  I fastened everything on the trash can with clear contact paper and I used an envelope to hold the chores.  I think the contact paper is a great choice because it repositions easily.  I may put the chores on Popsicle sticks to help them last longer but I haven't gotten that far yet (though I did get far enough to find some things that got to go into the trash!).

So again, for this I used:
A trash can
My computer and printer
An Envelope
& clear Contact Paper

Steal it!
Tweak it!
Make it your own!
(I did.)
Let me know how it goes!

*** 8-27-12 This is still going great.  I did fix all my 'chores' on to big Popsicle sticks with Mod Podge and they are holding up a lot better!

If you would like the PDF files that I made for this project you can click HERE and HERE.


  1. This is Rockin Robin! Sounds like a great idea! So I'm going to steal it from you! Now all I need is a trashcan with a lid and some, so WAIT! I HAVE popsicle sticks! I'm in Dayton, TN and I have the messiest kids in the world!!! Honest! I have a 6 year old little "I'm the Princess" and an 8 year old "I'll go outside and play so you can have Mommy Time" little boy! I'm going to add, CLEAN THE DOG'S FOOD AND WATER BOWL, SWEEP THE FRONT PORCH, MAKE THE "OTHER'S" BED, DUST (my Dad's) DRESSER, and CLEAN A TUB! I'll let you know how it works out!

    1. Oh great!! I hope it works well for you! :-)


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