Sunday, October 7, 2012

Loving Laundry (when my kids can do it)

 I sometimes feel quite passionate about things I like and was recently thinking about how thankful I am for these Tide Pods. They are just little pods filled with detergent.  I know it sounds silly... it's just laundry detergent, but it truly has made my life so much easier.
I know that there are great ways to save money on detergents (and make your own), and I'm usually 'that girl', but these little lovelies have changed the way laundry is done in my house... in that it's done by MY KIDS!
 My 7 and 9 year olds are able to wash their own clothes and that has been wonderful. We had tried having them do it with detergent but things became messy and I felt I should still oversee the whole process...  Now, they bring their own clothes down, throw the clothes in the washing machine, throw in a pod, start 'er up and voila!  One less load for us to do.
Of course we were still doing laundry for the Littles and then we realized our 5 year old wanted in on the game (he will probably regret this later). Sure enough he was able to start and do a load all by himself (probably from watching the Bigs).  The only problem is that he sometimes wants to wash just one item (at a time!) which isn't too great if you have a septic (not to mention water bills).
I think anyone with kids needs to get these pods! It will make your life easier trust me!

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