Sunday, August 26, 2012

Everyday Folders for the Classroom

When I taught third grade, we had "Assignment Notebooks" that went home every day communicating with parents what we did each day.  There was also a place for parents to sign and write any notes they wanted us to see. I loved it but when I moved to first grade, there was no way a 6 year old could fill out an Assignment Notebook. 

So, I came up with a folder that would go home and come back every day and called it... "The Everyday Folder" (creative, I know).  I stole this from my kids' school where the PTA buys each student a plastic folder that goes home each day. Well those folders are pricey (especially when I add it to all the other things I buy for my students), so I made my own at a fraction of the cost.
 I made a cute picture (shown above) for the front of each folder and on the back (not shown) I put all my contact information (along with my school blog address) to make it easy for the first grade families to contact me. On the inside of the folder I wrote "Please return to school" on one side and "Please keep at home" on the other.
Then I ran every folder through the laminator.  First graders don't always take the best care of their things, so this helps them stay functional for the entire year. After you laminate them you will need to take scissors (or a Cricut tool which is what I'm using in the picture) and run it along the pocket and VOILA!
These folders go home every night and I check them every morning for notes and lunch money.  It is a great solution for those of us who can't afford to buy those plastic folders (maybe I should start playing the lottery)!
Steal it, tweak it and make it your own (I did)!


  1. Who knew I was so lucky to get those plastic green folders provided to us?! I have no idea where the funds come from. They are soooo nice to have! Way to go making your own, creative/resourceful mama!

    1. I know! Those plastic green folders are the best but when I looked into them they were WAAAAY too much money! Our PTA buys the kids Friday Folders, but I don't use them because I like them going back and forth every day! I also always get the book boxes from Ikea so they can decorate them. They are 5 for $2.99 but our Ikea is out until the END of September, they don't sell them online and all other brands are way more expensive... so I have to get creative again! :-P


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