Wednesday, August 29, 2012

For Quick Group Work

This is a great idea that I learned in my class this summer from my wonderful instructor Jeanne D.  I haven't used it yet, but am excited to try it out.  All you need is some flyswatters and some flies (see my bottom picture)! If you are wondering what I am using to hold my flyswatters (which by the way were 2 for a dollar at the Dollar Store), it is a Pringles can covered in contact paper.

The fly swatters actually work as "buzzers" to signal when students are done with an activity that they need to do quickly. Because of this, you could use it in any grade level or any subject.  In first grade for example, maybe I will give the students a target number (7) and they have to pass along a white board and everyone in the group has to show another way to get to 7 (for example: 7 tally marks, 6+1, a nickel plus two pennies... etc). Once they have 5 correct ways to get to seven (and they must do this in absolute silence) someone gets to signal they are done by hitting the fly swatter on their table. I should add that they should all work together to make sure that all the answers are correct and if someone's is not, it should be crossed out by someone at the table (again with no talking).

This could be used also in a quick review on any topic.  I may use it to practice spelling high frequency words or brainstorming a certain topic where I give them a certain number of ideas to write down quickly. I love the idea!

And don't worry... they have to hit a target (and it's not the student sitting next to them)!
And bonus... no loss of life!

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