Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sheet Sanity!

 As I have mentioned before I have four kids at home.  Our house isn't giant and our linen closet is tiny! No matter what we do and how many times I reorganize it, I feel like it is always getting out of control. Recently on Pinterest, I saw a great idea of folding sheets and keeping them together in the pillowcase for that set.  I thought that was GENIUS! I was telling my brother about it when he said, "Laura, why don't you just get those under-bed storage containers and put the sheets that belong to each bed under them." BRILLIANT!
So I did!

I even got one for us (not pictured) and discovered that we have have too many sheets.  I don't think more than two sets is necessary so I'll be donating the other set to Salvation Army.
~Now all I need to do is keep my towels organized in my (now) much bigger linen closet... Wish me luck!


  1. What a great idea. That should help you out a lot with all those beds!

    1. It already has! Now I need to find time to organize my linen closet... the start of a school year is not the time to be 'nesting' at my own house! ;-)


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