Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sums to 10 (with free PDF)

Math can be difficult for a lot of kids.  It's much easier when they memorize and understand those numbers that add up to 10.  It will help them later with larger numbers too.  This is a great idea on how to build number sense.  I stole this from my coworker Leanne.

All you really need for this is large lima beans, two sharpie markers- different colors (use green for one of your colors if you want to use my PDF file), and snack bags (to hold sets of 10 lima beans for each student).

On one side of the lima bean, color one color and on the other side, you will color the other color.  Please notice that Sharpies take a moment to dry so you should probably do this with paper underneath (or you'll be scrubbing your workspace like I had to).    I did three sets at a time and that seemed to give the one side more time to dry.

Then put the sets of 10 into the bags for students.  I played this with my students and you will need to make some extra beans.  Some students lost beans and only had nine (of course the random bean was found later).  It's just a good idea to keep some extras on hand.

And finally, here is how you play...
Roll your 10 beans.
Count up how many greens.
Then count up your other color.
Make a number sentence and graph it.
(The picture above shows 4+6)
I told students to start with the green number always so they learn turn-around facts.  My students were beginning to count the first number and automatically recognize what number needed to go with it to make 10 (YEAH).  I used this in first grade but it is good practice for anyone who wants their students to be more automatic with sums of 10.
You can click HERE to download the PDF that I made of the graph (and directions).  I have to say that I don't understand this 'selling' worksheets things from teacher to teacher.  If I've already made it, why have you recreate the wheel?  Anyone could make this, but by clicking on what I've already done, I've just saved you some time.  My coworker drew out the graph using pencil, but since I like things 'pretty', I typed it out. I noticed that my PDF, cut off some of my borders around the directions, but they're easy enough to draw in if you'd like... or you can just make your own!
Steal Away!  Your kids will love this!

** Please note**
I saw an error on my PDF.  I have two 10+0 boxes and no 0+10.  I will do my best to fix it tomorrow but if you're really excited to try this, you can just white it out easy enough~ so I am leaving it for now.

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