Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday Projects

So I'm pretty excited about this project I started this school year in my classroom.  To be perfectly honest, it was born because my Thursdays are REALLY. LONG. DAYS.  No breaks for kids until lunch which is at 1:10!  I had a friend whose daughter who was in need so we took about 20 minutes to make her cards to lift her up and the rest as they say, is history...

After seeing how doing good positively impacted my students (and me), I knew it was going to be something we repeated.  We do a "Thoughtful Thursday Project" each week.  The kids look forward to it, the families look forward to it and I look forward to it.  I've gotten great feedback not only from those  who receive a Thoughtful Thursday package from us but those who know the people receiving the package.

We've sent letters to people who have had cancer, alopecia, ALS, paralysis, horrible accidents, MS, those who have lost a loved one and more! 

I'm pretty fast on iMovie so I also take pictures of the kids cards and put them together in a movie.  To see an example, you can click HERE or check out below.

I think this is something that every classroom should do.  It helps you think of others and reflect on your blessings (without really needing to talk about it).  I teach first graders and if they can do it, anyone can!

Here is what Thoughtful Thursday looks like in my classroom:

The children gather around and I tell them about someone in need of some lifting up.  I tell them a little about what they're going through, show them a picture of the person (I think this is REALLY important because it helps them make a connection) and we also talk about some of the things they like (it helps them choose what they're going to draw/say).

That's pretty much it.  I pass out paper~ give them about 20 minutes to color as we listen to 'fun' music and wait for the magic to happen.  I cannot say enough about the positive feedback I have gotten from this project and I have many friends who are doing something similar (with your own twists of course). ALL of them have had great feedback too!

If you are on FB and would like to see our previous projects and see our future ones, you can "like" our Thoughtful Thursday page by clicking HERE.

I hope you'll join us in spreading kindness in whatever way works best for you!

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