Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Making Mini Comp Books

I am so excited!!  This explains why I am writing a quick blog post close to midnight when I didn't leave my classroom until 10pm, came home and cut out laminated things and stuffed envelopes and have to be at work for a staff meeting tomorrow morning, but I digress...

I am so motivated and excited for my math workshop this year.  I've always enjoyed teaching math workshop but I'm adding a few things this year in hopes to really build number sense and get my first graders to be problem solvers and to understand and be able to express their thinking (since those days of just figuring out the sums and getting the right answers seem to be gone).

One way to do this year is to have my students share their thinking in a math journal.  I didn't want another full composition book though, I wanted a mini composition book.  If you look at the cost of those, it's crazy.  They are half the size but double the price.  I had heard of people getting regular comp books cut at Home Depot, but after calling and talking to many people from there (all who thought I was crazy), I realized they wouldn't be helping me so I did what many people do...
 Turned to mom and dad!

This is what we did to make these (Thanks Mom & Dad!):

Rip out a page and fold it in half (to find the middle of the book).
Draw a line marking the middle of the comp book.
Then use a table saw and cut on the line.

It looked like it was snowing and some of the edges needed sanding (or just picking) to smooth out, but it worked like a charm (and saved me loads).  It also took my dad no time to rip through all those books.  I'm one happy gal!

If you (or your folks) don't have a table saw, I'd just bring your books to Home Depot anyway and ask them to cut them on their table saw.  Tell them you know someone who did it and it does work!

To finish off my books, I added a big label to the front (the off-center white cover not being the same bugged me... I admit to being a bit anal about things).  I think they turned out so cute and I can't wait to start using them with my kiddos!

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