Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day fun (for school and home)

Anyone who teaches elementary school knows how mischievous Leprechauns can be and so in my class the children LOVE being creative and thinking about how THEY could catch a Leprechaun. It's always fun to read their ideas.  This year we also made leprechauns using their orange hand prints for beards.  Usually I come back to school and see a mess in my classroom and some green water in the sink.  Who knows what I'll find in Room 119 this year...

I get my kids thinking about leprechaun traps by sharing a video of a leprechaun trap my son made last year.  My students were captivated and I can't wait to hear if they set their own traps this year.  As for my son, he made another trap but again the Leprechaun got away... Here are some pictures of what he did!
This is my son's trap, complete with gold coin (really it's a quarter) and a trap door that you can't really see from this angle.  A friend thought this was perfect since Leprechauns love Amazon

There were trails of shamrocks all around our house.

Thankfully for the Leprechaun, my kids always have dirty clothes that they use to mess up their rooms!

Found on Joey's Trap

Left on my son Joey's trap was the above letter.  If you can't read it, it says:

You almost had me with that trap door
but alas, I broke free now there's trouble in store!
I messed up your rooms and I took your gold
but if you're clever, there's treasure to behold.

If you're smart and really think, boy
you can solve my riddles, you'll find some joy.
But to find my treasure, you'll need some friends.
So grab Ali, Zach and Sean, they'll help you get to the end.

Solve my clues, one by one
And you'll be happy when you're done!

Clue #1: I stopped in the bathroom look up and underneath
While I was there, I brushed my teeth...

Found in the kids' toothbrush drawer in the bathroom.

Clue #2: This isn't the only bathroom I was in, 
go downstairs and lift the lid!

This was taped (with green messages and footprints) to the under seat lid of the toilet downstairs.
Clue #3: You're doing well, don't waste more time.
Go to the clock that makes a chime.

On the grandfather clock...
Clue #4: All this work, my thirst was out of sight.
So I went to your fridge and drank something that was white.

Milk turned GREEN!
Clue #5: So I decided to turn your milk green!
Go find some cushions! Look in between!

Under some couch cushions
Clue #6: It's almost time to end this rhyme biz.
Go find where Sean's lunch box is.
Look inside and don't be shy.
In there is some treasure for you to divide!

In Sean's lunch box!
I knew you could find it! I'm proud of you.
Today you wear green instead of blue.
I'll see you next year, what more can I say?
I wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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