Saturday, February 16, 2013

Great Dice for Math!

The other day when I was visiting the teacher across the hall from me, I noticed she had these super cool dice!  I spent no time and got on Amazon and ordered my own!  You get a container of 72 dice for under $13 (they're on sale now)!  This is great because instead of having your kids roll two die, they only need ONE!
I'm not going to do a post about all the wonderful things you can do with dice to practice math (since I am assuming that most people who are reading this already have great ideas), but I DID want to share with you these cool dice!  You can order them by clicking HERE.  I have had them for about a month now and my kids (first graders) love them and so do I!
(My 'real' kids also like them and use them to race multiplication facts too.)
I noticed that one reviewer on Amazon said that the inner dice doesn't turn around freely but I haven't had that problem.

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  1. Those are cool! Great idea for hands on math!


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