Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Homemade White Board & Eraser Kits

Kids LOVE writing on white boards and teachers love them too.  They are great for taking quick assessments and "show what you know" activities.  They are also wonderful for practicing everyday skills you work on in the classroom.  I have found a few problems with traditional white boards.

1. They are expensive (and teacher's pay keeps going down).
2. They are big and to pass them out and then the markers and then the erasers takes time. Quick smooth transitions are the key to any lower elementary classroom (and a great thing in upper ele too).

Here's the solution.  
You will need:
White (or light colored) card stock
Large envelope
Expo Marker
Large dark T-shirt (I found mine at the Dollar Store)

Put a number on each piece of cardstock and then laminate it.  Put a number on each envelope.  Cut the T-shirt into small rectangles (yup that's your eraser). Put the card, marker and eraser into the envelope.

You now have an easy system where each child has their own white board, marker and eraser in one easy place.  Passing them out is quick and because you have coordinating numbers the students can put them back on their own.
Brilliant and takes no time.

*Get a dark T-shirt because they won't look as bad when they get dirty! This was a buck and I got more than 30 erasers out of it (I stopped at 30).


  1. What a great/simple idea. Kids will have fun with those.

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